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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Matter of P.V.

UNPUBLISHED OPINION: Matter of P.V. CIVIL – DEPENDENT NEGLECT DA 15-0421, 2016 MT 79N, IN THE MATTER OF: P.V., A Youth in Need of Care.

Stonehocker v. Gulf Insurance

OPINION: Stonehocker v. Gulf Insurance CIVIL – PERSONAL INJURY/DEATH DA 15-0139, 2016 MT 78, MARILYN “MITZI” STONEHOCKER, Plaintiff and Appellant, v. GULF INSURANCE COMPANY and TRAVELERS INDEMNITY COMPANY OF AMERICA, Defendants and Appellees.

Curry v. Pondera Canal & Reservoir Co.

OPINION: Curry v. Pondera Canal & Reservoir Co. CIVIL – WATER RIGHTS ADJUDICATION DA 14-0529, 2016 MT 77, GENE R. CURRY, CHERYL S. CURRY, and CURRY CATTLE CO., Plaintiffs, Counterclaim-Defendants and Appellants, v. PONDERA COUNTY CANAL & RESERVOIR COMPANY, Defendant, Appellee and Cross-Appellant.  

Reed v. Macpheat

UNPUBLISHED OPINION: Reed v. Macpheat CIVIL – MUNICIPAL COURT APPEAL DA 15-0622, 2016 MT 76N, MARY E. REED, Petitioner and Appellee, v. WILLIAM R. MACPHEAT, Respondent and Appellant.

State v. Cooksey

UNPUBLISHED OPINION: State v. Cooksey CIVIL – POSTCONVICTION DA 15-0198, 2016 MT 75N, STATE OF MONTANA, Plaintiff and Appellee, v. BOBBY COOKSEY, Defendant and Appellant.

Marriage of Wall

UNPUBLISHED OPINION: Marriage of Wall CIVIL – DOMESTIC RELATIONS DA 15-0556, 2016 MT 74N, IN RE THE MARRRIAGE OF: KAYLEEN M. WALL, n/k/a NOLAND, Petitioner and Appellee, v. JOHN E. WALL, Respondent and Appellant.

Matter of K.B.

OPINION: Matter of K.B. CIVIL – DEPENDENT NEGLECT DA 15-0549, 2016 MT 73, IN THE MATTER OF: K.B., A Youth in Need of Care.

Matter of P.H.

UNPUBLISHED OPINION: Matter of P.H. CIVIL – COMMITMENT-MENTAL ILLNESS DA 14-0560, 2016 MT 72N, IN THE MATTER OF: P.H., Respondent and Appellant.

State v. Reimer

UNPUBLISHED OPINION: State v. Reimer CRIMINAL – HOMICIDE-DELIBERATE DA 15-0409, 2016 MT 71N, STATE OF MONTANA, Plaintiff and Appellee, v. CHAD K. REIMER, Defendant and Appellant.

Matter of S.G.R.

OPINION: Matter of S.G.R. CIVIL – COMMITMENT-MENTAL ILLNESS DA 15-0077, 2016 MT 70, IN THE MATTER OF: S.G.R., Respondent and Appellant.